Megan McCord is a writer of short fiction and has an MFA from Antioch University, where she teaches writing in the Undergraduate Studies and Bridge Programs. A native of Los Angeles, she engages in stereotypical activities like teaching yoga and driving a hybrid vehicle. She enjoys writing about the city, and lives there with her man and tiny, bossy cat. Her work has appeared in Nightfalls, The Los Angeles Times, YogaPoetica, Astonishing Adventures Magazine, and Two Hawks Quarterly.

Tutoring and Workshops

Megan is a writing teacher at Antioch University, teaching academic writing in the Undergraduate Studies and Bridge Programs. She tutors students from elementary through graduate school, helping with reading comprehension, analysis, critical thinking skills, and developing papers from inception to completion.

Megan is available for private tutoring and group workshops for academic and creative writing. Contact her at for scheduling and rates.


Antioch University